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Kaustuv Kanti Bandyopadhyay

  • Dr. Kaustuv Kanti Bandyopadhyay works as Director, Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) and PRIA International Academy (PIA). PRIA, a pioneer civil society organisation, based in New Delhi (India), works on citizen participation, democratic governance and civil society development since 1982.

    Dr. Kaustuv has more than twenty five years of professional experience with university, research institution and civil society. In these years, he has led and managed a number of domestic and international research and action learning projects on citizen participation, social accountability, civil society development and democratic governance in urban and rural contexts. He has extensively worked on capacity building projects with particular emphasis on participatory learning, monitoring and evaluation, organisation development, strategic planning, and participatory training methodology.KK

    Dr. Kaustuv has authored and published several articles, manuals, books and other publications mostly in the Asian context. He has received Ph.D. in Anthropology for his work with the Parhaiya tribes of Chota Nagpur (Jharkhand) in India.